Verse Gaming Announces

Launch of Verse Media

NEW YORK, NY - Today Verse Gaming inc. announced the launch of Verse Media, a new business wing dedicated to expanding the digital and social brand of Verse Fantasy.

Since inception, Verse has generated over 330 million views, 20 million likes, and 200k+ live stream views across social media channels. Verse Media will invest new resources and deploy new tools to continue the viral growth across Verse Media’s various digital assets.

Verse Fantasy on Instagram has tallied nearly 25k followers, up 18k followers in the last 5 months. Verse Fantasy on TikTok is nearing the 30k follower mark, and @VerseMedia on Tiktok has already accumulated over 7k followers as a secondary account. 

As part of this expansion plan, Verse Media will debut 3 recurring live shows streaming on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Lou Firmstone, Verse Media’s Senior Producer and host of ‘Juice Box’, will focus on connecting with the audience and having the community control the topics of the show, giving viewers a chance to showcase their sports knowledge. 

“We’d love to create a cultural hub where people can hang out, chat about fantasy, sports, and even gaming. Our goal is to build a community around a lifestyle where people can have a voice in the show and ‘Verse’ each other on the app,” said Firmstone.

Verse Gaming’s CEO Dan Zimmermann will be hosting ‘Verse Late Night’ streaming live 11pm and later. “This show will be dedicated to giving sports fans an alternative to cable late night shows dedicated to the world of sports, fantasy, gaming, and even some pop culture and current events discussions. I’m excited to build an audience and culture around Verse Late Night,” said Zimmermann.

Verse Media will be overseen by Zimmermann, Firmstone and Director of Content Aidan Wahlert, who has been with Verse since 2022. “Our push to internet virality has captured the attention of the sports social media community. Whether its primetime athletes engaging with our content or being reposted by multi million follower accounts, we are starting to establish a powerful digital footprint.” Wahlert added.

Walhert will also be hosting ‘Start/Sit’, a high paced daily livestream show dedicated to ironing out the most important narratives and questions in the fantasy football community. 

“This expansion allows Verse to capitalize on the years of success we’ve had making and sharing content. Expect to see more content with an emphasis on original production with Verse’s content creators and affiliate partners,” said Zimmermann. 

“When it comes to social media, only a handful of fantasy sports companies have put the time and effort into cultivating major followings and brand identities. For the brands that have succeeded in this, they’ve seen a clear and tangible impact on their userbase growth and brand loyalty. Verse outpaces many of the most household names in our space on social, and we plan to continue this focus as we make our way to the top of the gaming industry.” Zimmermann continued.

Verse Media’s debut featured the reveal of Verse’s first commercial, ‘Win Every Week”. Win Every Week is a glimpse into the brand that Verse is building, and you can view it below.

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