Introducing Verse Fantasy's Peer-2-Peer Fantasy Football DFS Launch

Sep 6, 2023

Written by CEO Daniel Zimmermann

Today marks a momentous day as we unveil Verse Fantasy, a peer-to-peer daily fantasy platform, now available in 24 states. As we gear up for the 2023 NFL season, it brings me great pleasure to open the Verse platform for you. 

Verse Fantasy is the product of the unwavering dedication of a team that is building the product we always wished someone else had when we were growing up. We embarked on a journey to craft a product entirely in-house that not only meets the needs of our users but surpasses their expectations.

At its core, Verse Fantasy empowers users to establish custom pools and DFS contests, enabling them to compete against each other with their player lineups. The heart of the platform lies within our flagship feature: LeagueSync. This feature provides users the power to effortlessly import their favorite players and lineups from their season-long fantasy football teams. With LeagueSync, you can dive into creating real money contests based on your weekly matchups and win margins in just a few taps.

Our vision was to bridge the gap between the camaraderie of free weekly fantasy games among friends and the strategic depth of paid DFS contests like Best Ball. And that vision has materialized into reality with LeagueSync. Through Verse, users can seamlessly merge their seasonal competition with the thrill of weekly play.

In a world where fantasy football leagues are built on the foundation of group chats, our platform resonates with the 90% of leagues that consist of friends, family, and co-workers. We've witnessed the multibillion-dollar industry of entry fees alone for these leagues, and we recognized the immense potential in catering to this valuable player base. 

Verse Fantasy represents a departure from the norm. While other sites chase volume with massive entrant counts or against the house styles, we invite players to embrace a new path. DFS and sports betting have evolved, but social gaming has faced retention challenges. We listened and learned. The essence of social engagement isn't in creating new circles; it's in bringing the gaming experience to existing ones.

Verse Fantasy is a testament to this realization. Giving the power to the players is top priority. The Pools feature empowers users to curate their own DFS pools with unparalleled customization. Imagine a Monday Night Football 5 Man Lineup contest within your group chat, giving everyone a chance to leave the weekend a winner no matter how their fantasy team did that week. 

Users can create pools with our state of the art contest creator, or join public hosted contests. Contest creators can filter from every stat category, player position, eligible games to choose from and so much more when they build their own pool. And the best part? Contest creators get a commission kickback for hosting paid contests.

And for those moments of friendly rivalry between two leaguemates, our Matchups feature steps in. Two players, two choices, and a head-to-head challenge to prove who excels. We've brought the H2H nature of fantasy football and packaged it into a simple player vs. player challenge for users to customize and compete.

In creating Verse Fantasy, we've envisioned an experience that resonates across the spectrum of gaming apps. Whether you're a fan of season-long fantasy, Pick Em, or sportsbooks, there's something for everyone within Verse.

As we release this platform on the eve of the NFL kickoff, I invite you to explore a new way to play. To fellow leaguemates, friends, coworkers, and all those who seek to put their money where their mouth is, the Verse Fantasy app is built for you.

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