Verse Fantasy Partners with Scrimmage to Integrate Next-Gen Rewards Program

Oct 5, 2023

Verse Fantasy Partners with Scrimmage to Integrate Next-Gen Custom Rewards Program 

NEW YORK - Verse Fantasy, a peer-2-peer daily fantasy platform and Scrimmage, a custom loyalty rewards service for iGaming applications, announced a partnership today to bring custom rewards to Verse Fantasy’s playerbase.

“This partnership will allow Verse to unlock the network effects that are driving our growth. By building compelling social incentives into our user’s everyday flows, we can continue to capture the new friend groups and fantasy leagues playing on Verse,” said Verse Fantasy CEO Dan Zimmermann.

The partnership will utilize automation and customized recommendations to increase and amplify retention strategies on Verse. Examples of the ways that Scrimmage’s software will increase user engagement include rewards based on referrals, adding friends, playing in free-2-play contests, and syncing their fantasy football leagues.

The Scrimmage service enables Verse Fantasy to have complete transparency and control over rewards distributions across the P2P platform. 

“Rewards and loyalty programs are vital to digital iGaming operators retention. We feel that the social nature of Verse will mean rewards like referring friends and syncing leagues are even more incentivized and attractive to our playerbase,” Zimmermann added. 

Verse Fantasy enables users to sync their fantasy contests and play DFS contests utilizing their lineups and rosters they know and love. Players can sync their leagues into Verse in a matter of seconds and instantly see their matchups available. 

Scrimmage builds gamified loyalty programs for iGaming operators. Whether it is enhancing an existing loyalty program or customizing one from scratch, Scrimmage specializes in increasing engagement and improving retention for clients. Clients can segment their users and create custom quests, boosts, rewards, and level progression for each segment, allowing for personalization for every different type of user.

Commenting on the integration, Matt Dever, co-founder of Scrimmage said, “Verse approached us looking for a tool that would accelerate the word-of-mouth growth they were already seeing, while incentivizing continuous engagement from players once they were on the Verse app. Our partnership allows Verse to gamify referrals, competition entries, and other key actions all aimed at increasing the lifetime value of each user.”

Outside of rewarding users for growing the player base, the partnership between Verse and Scrimmage will unlock new ways of rewarding players. In addition to facilitating cash rewards, Scrimmage’s perk builder will now allow Verse to reward users in more creative ways. Perks can provide unique enhancements for the user, making it a perfect bonus reward when specific milestones are completed. Perks have the ability to personalize each user’s experience on your product. For example, a user may unlock a perk that increases their payouts on LeagueSync contests against their top 3 rivals by 10% after hitting activity milestones.  

Verse will debut the custom rewards software developed by Scrimmage later this NFL season. 

Verse and Scrimmage both will be in attendance at G2E in Las Vegas, October 9th-12th. 


About Scrimmage:     

Scrimmage provides an innovative and custom loyalty program that integrates simply into an operator's app or website. Beyond rewarding bettors, Scrimmage's platform also benefits operators by boosting customer retention and increasing betting frequency and amounts. As a flexible business-to-business solution, Scrimmage integrates directly onto an operator's platform, enhancing existing rewards programs and driving customer loyalty and retention, resulting in more engaged and frequent bettors.

About Verse Fantasy:

Verse is an innovative platform that enables users to create their own Peer-2-Peer fantasy contests with unrivaled customization.  

The Brooklyn-based organization was founded by two Syracuse University students, David Rosen and Dan Zimmermann. Verse operates a real money DFS product in 24 states.  

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